People from around the globe have made important and lasting contributions to the development of sports that the Rogallo wing has influenced. While latest improvements may be popularized in the media, each development was often based on a contribution made by earlier enthusiasts. As time moves further from the early years, the value of individual contributions can recede in memory. The Rogallo Foundations Hall of Fame offers the opportunity to permanently recognize those who have improved the sports. The program also recognizes current-day advances. The Hall of Fame will be housed in the Rogallo Museum. Join the Foundation in extending honors and awards to deserving individuals who have built upon the Rogallo’s gift to the world of the flexwing invention.

The 2024 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 19th, at 2:00 PM in Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, North Carolina. The Foundation will honor Peter Brock, Paul Voight, and the late David Barish for their incredible contributions to the advancement of free flight. 


Our Inductees

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2024- Peter Brock, Paul Voight

& David Barish

2023 – Chris Santacroce

2022 – Rick Jacob 

              & Vic Powell

2021 – Russel Brown  

             & Campbell Bowen

2020-No Ceremony/Inductee

2019-Jean-Michel Bernasconi

2018-John Heiney

2017-Dan Johnson

2016-Matt Taber

2015-Mike Meier

2014-Dave Cronk

2013-Steve Pearson

2012-Tom Price

2011-Richard Boone

2010-Bob Trampeneau

2009-Roy Haggard

2008-John Harris

           & Michael riggs

2007-Rob Kells

2006-GW Meadows

2005-Tom Peghiny

2004-Burke Ewing

2003-Bobby Baily

2002-Terry Sweeney

2001-Joe Greblo

2000-Bob Wills & Wills Family

1999-Dave Kilborne

          & Bill Bennett

1998-Bill Moyes

1997-John Dickenson