Chris Santacroce has devoted his life to further the pursuit of free flight. Over the years, he has made his strongest impact on the paragliding community. At 50 years old, Chris has been an instrumental figure in the world of paragliding for over three decades. His passion for flying began when he started paragliding at 17 years old, and since then, he has taught thousands of people to fly, some of whom have gone on to become instructors, competitive acro pilots, tandem pilots, and comp pilots.

Chris loves flying of all kinds including airplanes, sky diving, BASE jumping, hang gliding, weight shift trikes and paramotoring. 

Chris was a Red Bull athlete for 13 years and Chris has flown in cross-country comps for 10 years and acro comps for 10 years. He is proud of his accomplishments in the sport, but his most significant accomplishment is founding Project Airtime, a non-profit organization that provides disabled individuals, those with illnesses, the elderly, and veterans with tandem paragliding flights in an adaptive chair. Chris does more than 60 flights a year for his non-profit, and the experience is life-changing for those who participate.

Chris is not only a paragliding enthusiast but also a dedicated volunteer. He has volunteered in various capacities for the USHPA, the US Powered Paragliding association, and its affiliates. Chris is proud of his contributions to the paragliding community, and he continues to inspire others to pursue their passion for flying. Despite his accomplishments, Chris values being a husband to his wife Susie and father to his two children, Cloe and Zane who are 14 and 16 years old. Chris Santacroce has has made a significant impact on the world of paragliding.