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The Rogallo Foundation has a number of programs and projects going at any give time.   Read about them below.

The Rogallo Biography

The Rogallo Foundation has commissioned a biography of Francis Rogallo, and the book is well underway. Drawing material from a variety of sources, including over 70 linear feet of Rogallo’s personal and professional papers, the book includes the story Rogallo’s early life in California as an inventor and scholar, his career as a researcher and engineer for the NACA and NASA, as well as the invention of the flexible wing in 1948 and its unlikely path from toy kite to spacecraft recovery option to modern hang gliding and paragliding.

Hall Of Fame

People from around the globe have made important and lasting contributions to the development of sports that the Rogallo wing has influenced. As time moves further from the early years, the value of individual contributions can recede in memory. The Rogallo Foundations Hall of Fame offers the opportunity to permanently recognize those who have improved the sports. The program also recognizes current-day advances. The Hall of Fame will be housed in the Rogallo Museum. Join the Foundation in extending honors and awards to deserving individuals who have built upon the Rogallo’s gift to the world of the flexwing invention.



A celebration of flight and beer, OBX Brewtäg is modeled after the whimsical and entertaining Red Bull Flugtag, translated to “flying day” in German. With OBX Brewtäg, the general premise is the same, although rather than human-powered flying machines, Brewtäg contestants will be competing to see who can launch and fly an empty 1/6 keg barrel the furthest.  Brewtäg is The Rogallo Foundation’s number 1 annual fundraiser. 

Rogallo Museum

The Rogallo Foundation has approved a long-range plan to build a Rogallo Museum on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. This Museum will showcase the significant contributions of the Rogallos (Outer Banks residents) to aviation, their inventions and their incredible story. The Museum will tell the story of hang gliding, paragliding, kiteboarding, parachuting, and kiting – all spinoffs of the Rogallo Wing.