The Trailer for the planned Rogallo Documentary


A Documentary by Emmy Award Winning Clay Johnson

The Rogallo Foundation Is Proud of It's Support of this Exciting Project.

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The Rogallo Foundation

Preserving and Celebrating the History of the Flexible Wing and Its Creators

Our Purpose

  • Stimulate and support research and education in aerodonetics the science of gliding and soaring flight and low speed aerodynamics.
  • Encourage literary efforts and publications advancing aerodonetics and low-speed aerodynamics.
  • Support educational opportunities involving aerodonetics and low-speed aerodynamics.
  • Preserve and exhibit artifacts associated with the use of aerodonetics and low-speed aerodynamics.
  • Promote outdoor recreational flying sites and opportunities with Federal, State, and local land management agencies.

“My intention was to give everyone the opportunity to experience flight first hand.”

Francis Rogallo

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