2024 Rogallo Hall of Fame Inductees 

The Rogallo Foundation proudly announces the induction of three distinguished individuals into its esteemed Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony, scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at 2PM, will honor the remarkable contributions of Peter Brock, Paul Voight, and David Barish to the field of free flight. The ceremony is free for the public and will take place at the Jockey’s Ridge State Park Visitor’s Center in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Pete Brock

Peter Brock, known widely for his contributions to automotive design, will be honored in 2024 for his lesser-known engineering advances in the sport of hang gliding. After being introduced to hang gliding in 1972, Brock set out to create high-quality parts to build kites with.  He ultimately founded Ultralight Products, Inc. (UP) to build skillfully-manufactured hang gliders. As the leader of UP, Brock developed state-of-the art hang gliders and led the industry in safety improvements. He later built UP into the largest hang gliding company in the world and developed the sport of long distance hang gliding competition, functionally advancing free flight for generations to come.

Paul Voight

Paul Voight, a trailblazer in hang gliding, will join the ranks of the Hall of Fame for his unparalleled achievements in tandem administration and his pivotal role in shaping the sport’s instructional landscape. Voight’s unparalleled skill, coupled with his passion for excellence and teaching others, has earned him widespread acclaim and admiration from peers and students alike. Paul joined the Board of Directors of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association in 1989, holding the position of Vice President three times. He continued on the Board for 34 years, until the end of 2022, where he served as both a member and chair of multiple committees ranging from Finance to Safety Regulations. Paul’s greatest contributions to the sports has been in his capacity as an Instructor and/or tandem Administrator. Over the past 34 years, Paul has mentored and certified hundreds of pilots as instructors, who carry the future of hang gliding today. 

David Barish

David Barish, revered as the father of the modern paraglider, will posthumously receive this prestigious honor in recognition of his revolutionary contributions to the development of the flexible wing concept, specifically for the sport of Paragliding. Barish’s innovative designs and unwavering commitment to exploration laid the foundation for the modern era of free flight, and follow in the Rogallo’s footsteps of aerodynamic innovation, forever changing the course of aviation history. 

The induction ceremony will take place at the Jockey’s Ridge State Park Visitor’s Center in Nags Head, North Carolina, where friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts will gather to celebrate the legacies of these extraordinary individuals. Attendees can expect a memorable afternoon filled with tributes, anecdotes, and reflections on the enduring impact of Brock, Voight, and Barish on the world of free flight. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Peter Brock, Paul Voight, and David Barish into the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame,” said John Harris, President of the Rogallo Foundation. “Their pioneering spirit, innovation, and dedication have not only impacted the legacy of free flight but have also inspired generations of young pilots and members of the hang gliding and paragliding community to continue the Rogallo’s spirit of ingenuity, passion, and advancement.” 

For more information about the induction ceremony and the Rogallo Foundation, please visit rogallofoundation.org/hall-of-fame.  

About the Rogallo Foundation

The Rogallo Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Francis and Gertrude Rogallo, whose pioneering work laid the groundwork for modern hang gliding and paragliding. Through education, outreach, and historical preservation efforts, the foundation seeks to inspire future generations of aviators and foster a greater appreciation for the history and heritage of free flight. 

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